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Hey everybody - it would be great if you could keep the most important things in English so that international participants can understand it!

    #bolognaburns agenda (last edit 17-03-2010)         

    common work-in-progress-paper         

    #bolognaburns documentation         

start a page and write down your memories, experiences, criticism, ... about the weekend!

    common website project         


details website

As it was mentioned many times on the #bolognaburns weekend that the movement needs a common exchange platform, so people gathered and shared their ideas. So far the needs of the website were information, communication and documentation.

Information about the decentral acting groups all over the world needs a tools, which is collecting information from different sources like blogs, facebook, twitter, video feeds, mass media sources, autonomous media platforms, rss feeds, ... We have the idea of a multifeed display.

Communication between all activists or passivists can be realized in a minimal social network, which gives you the possibility to do direct messages, start groups for international team working and planing and a chat.

Documentation in its most flexible and grass roots way is made possible in this wiki. Feel free to write anything you want to share. If you have questions feel free o ask as well =).

    working groups         

our university

    bologna opposition         

    how to edit a wiki         

    collection of collectives  - Uniriot, autonomous network of the rebel universities, Italy